Hybride Optoelektronische Materialsysteme (HYD Seminar)
18.10.2018 Fabian Gärisch Resistive memory - from concepts
to characterisation
  Larissa Apel The influence of CO2 on liquid-phase
crystallization in silicon solar cells
25.10.2018 Minh Hai Nguyen Cuprous oxide solar cells
  David Burmeister Work function control by covalent
functionalisation of organic interfaces
01.11.2018 Sebastian Pallasch 2D material transistors
15.11.2018 Nicolas Zorn Morales Self assembled monolayers in
optoelectronic devices
22.11.2018 Vincent Schröder Perovskite LEDs
29.11.2018 Max Heyl Gold-Assisted Exfoliation and Transfer of
Transition-Metal Dichalcogenide Monolayers 
13.12.2018 Andreas Mai Inverted OLEDs
20.12.2018 Paul Hänsch Forschungsbeleg
10.01.2019 Seon-Young Rhim Introduction to neuromorphic applications
31.01.2019 Vinh Truong  
14.02.2019 Edgar Nandayapa
Niklas Mutz

Hybrid Energy Materials (EE-NYFS Seminar)
17.10.2018 Eva Unger Introduction to perovskite solar cells
and hysteresis overview
24.10.2018 Oleksandra Shargaieva Lead-halide solution chemistry
07.11.2018 Aboma Merdasa Photoluminescence, recombination and defects
14.11.2018 Carolin Rehermann Compositional engineering
21.11.2018 Janardan Dagar Interfaces and selective contact engineering
28.11.2018 Rahim Munir GIWAXS and formation studies
05.12.2018 Florian Mathies Printing perovskite devices
23.01.2019 Vincent Schröder Perovskite LEDs
30.01.2019 Katrin Hirselandt Perovskite recipe/process rationalization
06.02.2019 Aniela Deep level traps in perovskites
13.02.2019 Oleksandra Shargaieva and Trial talks HiSCORE / NIPHO
13.03.2019 Carolin Rehermann  
20.03.2019 Aboma Merdasa  
16.04.2019 Janardan Dagar  
23.04.2019 Rahim Munir  
30.04.2019 Florian Mathies  
07.05.2019 Hampus Näsström  

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Previous Seminar Talks
18.04.2018 Huge Mello EGOFET results
02.05.2018 ​Minh Hai Nguyen Bachelor thesis progress
09.05.2018 David Burmeister  Master thesis progress
16.05.2018 Paul Hänsch Master thesis progress
23.05.2018 Carolin Rehermann Perovskite solar cells
06.06.2018 Niklas Mutz  
13.06.2018 Max Heyl  
20.06.2018 Vincent Schröder  
27.06.2018 Edgar Nandayapa  
11.07.2018 Fabian Gärisch  
18.07.2018 Sebastian Kickhöfel