Hybride Optoelektronische Materialsysteme (HYD Seminar)
17.10.2019 Anna Lang Interaction of doxorubicin with functionalised carbon dots
24.10.2019 IRIS DAY  
31.10.2019 Michael Hengge Printing transparent electrodes
  Nicolas Zorn Morales Switching molecules in electronic devices
14.11.2019 Edgar Nandayapa  
21.11.2019 Wendong Yang Preparation and characterization of organic
silver-based conductive inks for flexible electronics
28.11.2019 Steffen Rühl  
  Alexander Stenzel  
05.12.2019 Rodrigo Rubio Govea
Hybrid organic/inorganic materials for near
room temperature thermoelectric applications
19.12.2019 Vinh Truong Electrical modulation of the localized
surface plasmon resonance of gold nanoparticles
imbedded in a ferroelectric polymer
16.01.2020 Vincent Schröder Light emitting diodes based on inkjet-printed
metal halide perovskite
  Fabian Gärisch Fabrication and characterization of resistive
memory device arrays
23.01.2020 Paul Hänsch Using azide crosslinker to insolubilise a polymer network
  Tino Nerger Printing electrodes
13.02.2020 Gernot Schubert  
12.03.2020 Sarah Grützmacher  
TBA Mete-Sungur Dalgic  

Hybrid Energy Materials (EE-NYFS Seminar)
22.10.2019 Hampus Näsström  
29.10.2019 Oleksandra Shargaieva  
05.11.2019 NanoGe conference  
12.11.2019 Aboma Merdasa  
19.11.2019 Kevin Linberg  
26.11.2019 Janardan Dagar  
03.12.2019 Rahim Munir  
10.12.2019 Jesper Jacobson  
17.12.2019 Vincent Schröder  
14.01.2020 Carolin Rehermann  
21.01.2020 Florian Mathies  
28.01.2020 Katrin Hirselandt  
04.02.2020 Oliver Maus  
11.02.2020 Gopinath Paramasivam  
18.02.2020 Oleksandra Shargaieva  

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Previous Seminar Talks
16.05.2019 Steffen Rühl  
  Tino Nerger Progress on printing functional materials
06.06.2019   f-pi Konferenz Berlin
13.06.2019 Niklas Mutz  
20.06.2019 Seon-Young Rhim  
27.06.2019 Vincent Schröder Towards inkjet-printable perovskite LEDs
08.08.2019 Anna Jasny Deposition of a photoswitchable azobenzene
onto ITO for tuning its work function