Hybride Bauelemente
17.08.2017 Emil List-Kratochvil
Giovanni Ligorio
SPIE Talks
31.08.2017 Felix Hermerschmidt SPIE Talk
14.09.2017 Georg Schitter TBD
21.09.2017 Sebastian Kickhöfel
Tino Meisel
Niklas Mutz
Young Researcher Days
TBD Simon Dalgleish
Giovanni Ligorio
Felix Hermerschmidt
OFET characterisation
Memory characterisation
OLED characterisation
19.10.2017 Minh Hai Nguyen TBD
Hybride Optoelektronische Materialsysteme
19.10.2016 Emil List-Kratochvil Introduction
09.11.2016 Ingo Salzmann Molecular doping
23.11.2016 Giovanni Ligorio Switchable SAMs
14.12.2016 Sylke Blumstengel Oxides and doping of oxides
04.01.2017 Emil List-Kratochvil Electrochemical doping
11.01.2017 Felix Hermerschmidt Conducting polymers
25.01.2017 Max Heyl 2D Materials
08.02.2017 Sebastian Kickhöfel Classical doping
  Niklas Mutz  
15.02.2017 Eva Unger Doping in perovskites
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Previous Seminar Talks

Felix Hermerschmidt Solution-processed materials and devices
    for optoelectronic applications
27.10.2016 David Burmeister Formic acid treatment of copper nanoparticles
  Emil List-Kratochvil Efficient use of energy
03.11.2016 Sebastian Kickhöfel Charge transfer excitons at
  Moritz Eyer organic/oxide interfaces
10.11.2016 Max Heyl SAM printing
17.11.2016 Emil List-Kratochvil MRS preparatory talks
  Giovanni Ligorio  
  Felix Hermerschmidt  
24.11.2016 Niklas Mutz SEM / TEM / e-Beam
15.12.2016 Giovanni Ligorio Findings from Elettra
  Nicolas Zorn Morales  
12.01.2017 Simon Dalgleish Research Synopsis
19.01.2017 Matthias Runge Charge transfer states at organic/hybrid heterojunctions
  David Burmeister Reductive sintering of Cu nanoparticle ink
26.01.2017 Christian Palavinskas Improvement of the voltage loss break
down method in PEM fuel cells
02.02.2017 Marcel Gawek Investigation of ZnO/organic interfaces
with in-situ reflection spectroscopy
09.02.2017 Niklas Mutz Transition metal dichalcogenides -
optical and electronic properties
16.02.2017 Darius Bujarski Zinc oxide investigations
02.03.2017 Michael Hengge Copper thiocyanate as a hole transport
layer for semiconductor devices
  Niklas Marschall Setup of EQE measurement station
09.03.2017 Moritz Eyer DPG preparatory talk
16.03.2017 Lukas Lassak Graphene
06.04.2017 Bodo Kranz
Paul Zybarth
Laboratory safety
04.05.2017 Max Heyl Shaping the electrostatic potential landscape by means
of microcontact-printed self-assembled monolayers
11.05.2017 Sebastian Kickhöfel UPS/XPS investigations
18.05.2017 Matthias Runge Verlustmechanismen bei der Ladungsträgererzeugung
in hybriden SnO2/P3HT und ZnO/P3HT Photovoltaikzellen
  Hugo Dias Mello Enzymatic biosensors based on galvanostatic
electrodeposited functionalized polyaniline thin films
08.06.2017 David Burmeister
Niklas Mutz
Laser scanning microscopy
15.06.2017 Edgar Nandayapa Perovskite solar cells
22.06.2017 Khoa Nguyen Memory devices
06.07.2017 Sylwia Nusser CuSCN investigations
  Christian Palavinskas Further improvement of the voltage loss
breakdown method in PEM fuel cells
13.07.2017 Sebastian Kickhöfel PL and PLE spectroscopy