Hybride Optoelektronische Materialsysteme (HYD Seminar)
15.05.2024 Michael Hengge  
22.05.2024 Erfan Moradi  
29.05.2024 Max Heyl
Hybrid Energy Materials (EE-NYFS Seminar) - archive
22.10.2019 Hampus Näsström  
29.10.2019 Oleksandra Shargaieva  
05.11.2019 NanoGe conference  
12.11.2019 Aboma Merdasa  
19.11.2019 Kevin Linberg  
26.11.2019 Janardan Dagar  
03.12.2019 Rahim Munir  
10.12.2019 Jesper Jacobson  
17.12.2019 Vincent Schröder  
14.01.2020 Carolin Rehermann  
21.01.2020 Florian Mathies  
28.01.2020 Katrin Hirselandt  
04.02.2020 Oliver Maus  
11.02.2020 Gopinath Paramasivam  
18.02.2020 Oleksandra Shargaieva  

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Previous Seminar Talks
08.10.2020 Mete-Sungur Dalgic Polyfluorenes - higher stability with arylated side groups?
21.10.2020 Wendong Yang Synthesis and characterization of silver
particle-free inks for printed flexible electronics
04.11.2020 Michael Hengge ITO-free OLEDs utilizing inkjet-printed and
low temperature plasma sintered Ag electrodes
11.11.2020 Emil List-Kratochvil ITO-free flexible transparent conductive electrodes
for organic and hybrid light-emitting diodes
17.11.2020 Bodo Kranz Safety induction
24.11.2020 Anna Lang A new sensing platform: combining
ExFET with SPR (a brief update)
01.12.2020 Max Heyl Li-intercalation to controllably charge a layered
semiconductor into the BCS-BEC crossover
08.12.2020 Nicolas Zorn Morales Current strategies to increase the photoluminescence
quantum yield in hybrid organic transition metal
dichalcogenide systems
15.12.2020 Edgar Nandayapa Unraveling reversible quenching processes
of O2, N2, Ar, and H2O in metal halide perovskites
19.01.2021 Niklas Mutz Energy and charge transfer at hybrid interfaces
probed by optical spectroscopy
26.01.2021 Seon-Young Rhim A fully optical driven artificial neural network
using photochromic molecules
09.02.2021 Paul Hänsch EU project: Hi-Accuracy
02.03.2021 Fadi Al Rayes Bypass diode literature review
22.06.2021 Dennis Geisler Automatic analysis of SEM images
29.06.2021 Selen Solak Sevinc Hybrid printed electronics
06.07.2021 Vincent Schröder
Edgar Nandayapa
Combinatorially printed MHP photodetectors
Upscaling printing activities
13.07.2021 Anna Lang